CG Motors

IE-4 LSPM Technology Motors

Output 5.5KW to 22KW
Frames 132 to 180
Poles 4
Efficiency IE4

IE4-Conventional Apex series motors

Output 0.55KW to 45KW
Frames 80 to 225
Poles 2,4,6
Efficiency IE4

IE3 Apex Series Aluminum Construction motor

Output 0.75KW to 7.5 KW
Frames PA80 to PA132
Pole 2, 4, 6

IE3 Apex Series Cast Iron Construction

Output 0.37KW to 90KW
Frames PC 80 to PC 280
Pole 2, 4, 6

IE2 Apex Series Motors

Energy Efficient Motor
Aluminum Frames
Output 0.37KW to 7.5KW
Frames IEC 71 to 132
Pole 2, 4, 6

Cast iron frame

Output 0.75KW to 250KW
Frames IEC 80 to EC 355
Pole 2, 4, 6

IE1 Apex Series Motor

Aluminum Motors
Output 0.37KW to 9.30KW
Frames EC63 to 132
Pole 2,4,6,8

Cast iron Motors

Output 0.18KW to 315KW
Frames ND 80 to ND132M
ND 160M to 355LX
Pole 2,4,6,8

Hazardous Area Motors

Flame Proof Motors
Type E & N Motors
Cast Iron Frames
Output 0.37KW to 315KW
Frames IEC 90 to 355
Pole 2, 4, 6

Agnita Series

Hazardous Area Motors
Flame Proof Motors
Cast Iron Frames
Output 0.37KW to 325KW
Frames IEC 80 to 355
Pole 2,4,6,8

PRABAL series

Strong & Sturdy Crane Duty Motors
Output 0.37KW to 375KW
Frames EC 80 to 355
Pole 2,4,6,8,10 other on request!

Epact Motors (NEMA/CSA/UL)

Motor with Global Energy
Efficient standard Aluminum
Output 0.37KW to 15KW
Frames 56 to 256T

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