CG MV Drive

CG MV Drive

More than just a soft start

Emotron MSF 2.0 softstarter offers optimised start and stop sequences, advanced braking techniques and built-in monitor functionality. The softstarter is developed for pump, fan, compressor, blower, crusher, mill, mixer and saw applications.

  • CG-Emotron Makes FDU Series IP 20,IP21 and IP 54
  • Rating : 11KW to 3000Kw
  • Sensorless Vector Control Drives
  • Overload 120% for 60Sec. For Every 10Minutes


  • IGBT Based Inverter- Multi level PWM technique.
  • Class – H Insulation level for Input side Transformer.
  • Perfect fit for retrofitting. No de-rating of existing motor required.
  • More than 6000 MV AC Drives installed by now for almost every application
  • Low dv/dt stress on motor winding insulation. Hence there is no requirement of having the CG
  • MV Drives for Asynchronous/Synchronous Motors with V/F; Vector Control
  • Input: 3.3kV/ 6.6kV/ 11kV
  • Output : 3.3kV/ 6.6kV / 11kV
  • CG Regenerative MV Drives with Active Front End for Asynchronous/ Synchronous Motors
  • Input: 3.3kV/ 6.6kV/ 11kV
  • Output Voltage & kW Ratings: 3.3kV (1400kW); / 6.6kV (2700kW)/ 11kV (4500kW)
  • Delivery of complete systems based on standard products
  • Drive, cabinet, motor, transformer
  • Engineering, installation, commissioning, maintenance