VSB Series

VSB Series

Simple to use & suitable for standard applications

Emotron VSB not only saves energy, but it’s also easy to operate, making it a quick fix for commissioning. VSB is a cost-effective, safe, and energy efficient solution for the demanding industrial environment.

VSB drives offer a high level of reliability & productivity for process owners and is suitable for applications such as fans, pumps, blowers, compressors, etc. Available in IP20, within the 0.75 -3.7kW range, 3ph 380-480V.

CG-Emotron Makes VSB Series

  • Rating : 0.75KW to 4Kw
  • Amibant Temperature : 50dc Sensorless Vector Control Drives Overload 150% for 60Sec. For Exvery 10Minutes

Safe and efficient for the demanding industrial environment

Emotron VSB is rated for heavy duty performance and has a built-in brake chopper making it suitable for a range of industrial applications. With its multi-step frequency and variety of acceleration and deceleration curves, Emotron VSB can be easily adapted to follow different speed profiles as per process requirement. The built-in potentiometer on the keypad makes it user-friendly, and eliminates the need for external potentiometers, saving costs and improving reliability for the OEMs. Apart from hardwired communication, VSB also has Modbus 485 communication as a standard, enabling it to be run from a plant control system.

VSB is available in power ratings of 0.75kW to 3.7kW for three phase, 380V – 480V in IP20 design.

For Indian subcontinent only.