VSS Series

VSS Series

Small yet powerful

EMOTRON VSS is a multipurpose AC drive, packed with features to meet application requirements.

VSS is a cost-effective, easy to install and easy to use drive for the single phase supply system in a challenging industrial environment. VSS series meets users’ needs and runs a variety of applications such as packaging, wood working, pumps, blowers, mixers and other machineries. Available in IP20, within the 0.4-2.2 kW, Single phase 220V.

CG-Emotron Makes VSS Series

  • Rating : 0.37KW to 2.2Kw 1Phase 220V Class Input 1Phase output 3Phase 220V Class
  • Amibant Temperature : 50dc Sensorless Vector Control Drives Overload 150% for 60Sec. For Exvery 10Minutes

Emotron VSS series is ideal for machineries running on a single phase supply, for better control and higher reliability.
VSS drives have a host of features to meet the demand of a variety of applications. The sensorless vector control algorithm enables it to achieve speed control accuracy of up to 0.2%, and a starting torque of 180% at 0.25Hz. The Emotron VSS series is rated as standard for heavy duty, making it optimal for demanding applications.

Features of VSS include programmable acceleration and deceleration curves, PID control, 16 programmable speeds, torque boost, DC brake, jog frequency, speed search, over excitation brake, torque control, separated V/f control and many more.

This drive also has a range of readymade application macros which simplify commissioning work and reduce the need for external controllers. In addition to logic functions such as timers and comparators, Emotron VSS has multi-speed control, wobbulation control and length count functions.

VSS is available in power ratings of 0.4kW to 2.2kW for single phase, 220V in IP20 design.

For the Indian subcontinent only