VSU Series

VSU Series

Dynamic drive for small AC motors

Emotron VSU AC drive is a dynamic drive for use in all industrial applications where simplicity, reliability and productivity are required. Emotron VSU is an easy-to-connect and easy-to-configure drive. It ensures safe and cost efficient operation of your demanding process applications.

CG-Emotron Makes VSU Series

  • Rating : 1.5KW to 18.5Kw
  • Sensorless Vector Control Drives Overload 120% for 60Sec. For Every 10Minutes

Emotron VSU is a general purpose drive for variable and constant torque applications. With its V/f and sensorless vector control mode, Emotron VSS is suitable for variety of applications such as fans, pumps, compressorsconveyors, cranes, mixers and other machineries.

With its detachable keypad and parameter copy function, OEMs can easily program multiple units. The built-in PID controller ensures superior control of process parameters. Users can create complicated speed patterns using the 16 pre-set speeds, 4 acceleration and deceleration ramps and a variety of ramp curves.

Emotron VSU features application macros such as wobbulation control, brake control, length count and multi-step speed control for a quick, tailored setup. Modbus 485 communication allows the system to be monitored and controlled by plant control systems.

Emotron VSU features a coated board, and has been designed to withstand 50⁰C ambient temperature, making it suitable for harsh industrial environments. Emotron VSU ensures safe and cost efficient operation of your demanding process applications.

VSU is available in power ratings of 0.75kW to 18.5kW for three phase, 380V – 480V in IP20 design.

For the Indian subcontinent only.